It’s all in the mind ! (Poems)

Light Reading : It’s all in the mind ! (Poems by Monica Ingudam)

How much of fiction is reality? How much of reality is fiction ? Writing is liberating, Writing is healing, Writing is discovering yourself, Writing is fun, What is writing for you ?

It’s an attempt to write what is in the mind based on my experiences, what I saw and heard, and fictionalize with my imagination. It’s a playground for writer’s imagination & reader’s interpretation. An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam

  1. The Tablet
  2. The Storm
  3. Beautiful
  4. The Stench
  5. Take me home
  6. The survival race
  7. Fly away
  8. The Lion
  9. The Awakened One
  10. Sealed
  11. My Dawn
  12. Time
  13. Abok (Grandmother)
  14. The Humans
  15. Thoibi’s Khamba
  16. Colors
  17. Farewell
  18. The two red birds
  19. It’s only a dozen words!
  20. The Passenger
  21. Pretense
  22. A woman
  23. Tears
  24. Langmeidong
  25. Faceless
  26. The Greys
  27. The Poison Drink
  28. The Rickshaw Ride at Tiddim Road 
  29. The Garden
  30. Dating in Manipur
  31. The Window
  32. A Place for the Dead
  33. The Failure
  34. Mending the heart
  35. The Doctor’s waiting room
  36. Students of Manipur
  37. A Funeral for my living Father
  38. The Tree at Punshilok

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  1. Liberating… Sis i forwarded you the “Matters of Heart” article in the email provided in your Facebook account. Please check

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