003 It’s all in the mind : The Empty Bench

The Empty Bench
She had shed tears sitting here,
Drowning her helplessness,
Not caring for passer-by.

She had waited for him sitting here,
Her heartache growing to indifference,
As she accepted his absence.

She had read books sitting here,
Finding her solitude,
And enjoying it.

Now I am the empty bench,
I see her walking by,
And I am happy she found her way.

~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


4 thoughts on “003 It’s all in the mind : The Empty Bench

  1. A review from #Fanstory

    Her life seen through the bench.
    Very descriptive writing gives one the insight into her life. I felt like I was standing to one side observing her, so the reader is drawn into the poem and it comes alive.
    Her actions and feelings so described by the bench you were encouraged that she found her way at the end.
    Good images in words.
    My goodness today if only the benches could talk they would have such tales to tell

  2. A review from #Fanstory

    This is a short poem but it says so much. You visualize the entire poem as you read it, which makes a valid point. If you know what you want to say, and choose your words carefully, less is more. Great work!

  3. A review from #Fanstory

    Very nice poem, It was thoughtful and uplifting. I was afraid it was going to end on a negative note. the flow was good and it was pleasant to read

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