017 It’s all in the mind : Abstinence


They say giving up some thing you love for a time period will help you achieve what you ask for;
But isn’t it your conviction that helps you achieve what you want ?
Or is it testing on time on what you love ?
Or is it turning to blind faith in your helplessness ?

People gave up watching movies;
People gave up eating their best dish;
People choose to take bath in cold water from a pond on cold winter mornings;
People even shaved their head.

Pondering on giving up the most beautiful thing in your life;
Choosing to see the beauty from far;
Running away cowardly from the bitter cold you anticipate;
You know deep in your heart, your abstinence will enslave you for life.

~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


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