024 It’s all in the mind : I am wandering but am not lost

I am wandering but am not lost

It’s a cold and windy day,
But that didn’t stop her from stopping by to see the river on her way,
She hurried and walked by the river,
She sat and watched the view.

Then continued with her walk,
Following where her feet takes her,
Soon she was on the bridge,
She stood on the bridge all by herself and watched the view.

It was getting colder with the winds from the almost frozen river,
But she continued with her walk,
Crossing the bridge,
And she walked and watched the view from the other side.

All the views was different and unique,
And it’s the view of the same river,
She continued walking back,
Rubbing her hands to keep herself warm.

Suddenly an old man sitting in the nearby bench calls out asking if she was lost and if she needed help,
She smiled and replied “I am just wandering but I am not lost”,
He points to a flask he is holding asking her “Coffee ?”

She couldn’t resist the invitation in the freezing cold,
She could use a warm drink before her walk back,
She nodded and sat next to him,
Unscrewing the cap he pours piping hot black coffee.

Sipping coffee they chatted about their favorite view of the river,
He loves his Miracle river from where he is sitting right then,
She loves the Potomac river when she sees from the middle of the bridge,
They spoke passionately about why they like what they love about each view.

They parted shaking hands,
She thanking him for the coffee and him thanking her for the company,
With a look they both knew,
What they spoke had deeper meaning than just the view.

She walked back hurriedly,
But stopped by in the middle of the bridge to see her view,
And waves to the old man still sitting on the bench,
And she continues back with her walk questioning if she is wandering or lost.

~The End~

Picture : Bridge across the Potomac River by George Washington Parkway, Washington DC.

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


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