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It’s all in the painting
Collection of acrylic paintings by Monica Ingudam

However much you love the humans, at times there are moments (or many) when you need a time out, at a loss of words, engulfed in deep feelings bringing tears in your eyes. Also there are moments (less than we would normally want, we always want more!) the humans fill you with overwhelming love taking you out of this world. And you need a time out to check if it’s real. Or there are times where your heart pulls you to paint for no reason, you will feel it very strongly that you just can’t ignore it. And at such time out, the colors of the paints can do magic, taking you to a place you want to be, synching with your moods, a place which is just for you, your space and your creation. And painting can be just fun, healing, liberating and magical. I love it. You have to try to feel it.