071 It’s all in the mind : Thoibi’s Khamba

Thoibi’s Khamba
The man who ignited a woman’s heart,
At the first sight,
When our eyes met in my father’s house,
And disappeared for 4 full years,
Making me missed him even when I knew nothing about him,
Hanging onto his old clothes,
Searching for him,
Seeking for him,
And today I find that he is Khamnu’s little brother,
My friend’s brother,
That would make him my little brother too,
Oh what anger and irritation he showed,
Roaring like a lion when I called him “Epwoa” little brother,
Telling me that he is not that young,
Seeing his gestures,
Irritation in not wanting to be called a brother,
Gave me hope that maybe he feels for me too,
Enquiring if he has a lady in his life,
Thoughts on settling down if he is not as young as he says,
With his intense irresistible eyes,
And without any hesitation he nodes,
Making my heart sink,
Oh and all these time he was in my mind,
And he has a lady in his mind,
I have no courage to know who his lady is,
Then he pointed his finger to my reflection in the glistening water of Loktak,
Indicating that is his lady love,
Oh he is my Khamba,
And It’s is a new beginning,
All I needed to know was that,
My happiness is intertwined with his life,
I watched him slowly disappearing from my sight,
As he rowed his boat away,
And the beautiful Loktak Lake witnessed our love,
The love that will be remembered forever by souls touching the Loktak Lake.
~The End~ 
~Inspired and in awe of the The Khamba Thoibi epic story of #Manipur sung by Pena singers for centuries, rendered into writing by the great poet Hijam Anganghal Singh in Meitei-Lon ~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


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