Episode 037 FindingTheVoices : Bhumenjoy Konsam sharing about making of the Manipuri animated movie Keibu-kei-oiba

This podcast  (in Meitei-Lon/Manipuri language) details the making of Manipuri animated movie Keibu-kei-oiba (The man who turns into a tiger) which is based on a popular Manipuri folktale by Bhumenjoy Konsam. I watched the movie with my kids. We enjoyed it and loved it. I was amazed that they sat through the whole movies and now they are running all over playing “Thong Handok-o, Thong Handok-o”

This episode is all about the making of the movie Keibu-kei-oiba , Bhumenjoy shares the challenges in making the story as an animated movie, developing, building, designing up each character, each scene creating from a blank frame to creating everything from scratch making the 84 minutes movie. It is amazing to hear about the voice over details for each of the characters.

The whole team put a lot of effort in making this movie, consulting and researching so that it is presented very authentic in terms of music, even the musical instrument and script used. Hats off to the whole team. Thanks for this wonderful gift to the Manipuri community.

In the previous Episode 36 Bhumenjoy Konsam, shared about himself, about how his career shaped from studying from Chemistry to Multimedia, choosing career between a low paying Multimedia job of Rs 2500 versus a Govt. Job as Army officer of Rs 8000. Even though it was a tough path to follow and choose his passion, despite raising eyebrows from people in leaving the traditional path, Bhumenjoy followed his passion.


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