046 It’s all in the mind : The Green Meadow

The Green Meadow
It was bright and sunny,
Sitting on the soft green grasses,
Watching my red shoes against the beautiful green meadow,
Meadow filled with wild yellow flowers,
Meadow filled with wild white flowers.
The sun was harshly bright and hot,
Making my feet tingle,
And the numbness spreading throughout the body,
The voices of children playing nearby fades away,
Taking me to a different space.The fading voices continues stronger,
Asking me questions after questions,
What is your name ? How old are you ? What is your social security number ? Do you have any allergies ?
As they continue plugging wires, pricking my finger and hand drawing blood, hanging IV,
Wheeling me to a place filled with more fading voices.

Catching a glimpse of the blurred sight,
I see my bright red shoes against the green covered movable bed,
I see many green scrub clad people walking around busily,
I whispered for a blanket as I was shivering.

The kind green scrub clad lady covered me with a warm spotless white bedsheet,
I watched the white ceiling,
Pondering over spoken or unspoken Words, expected or unexpected actions and of tears and memories,
And nothing else mattered,
But through my blurred view my mind was crystal clear, clear of the time, my time and memories I want.

~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


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