016 It’s all in the mind : Can’t force love

Can’t force love 

I was trapped in my own car,
By this person I loved once,
People changes with time,
A time where nothing is permanent,
And everything seem conditional.

I was trapped in my own car,
I see this person I loved once turning into a monster,
Revealing a character I have never seen,
He changed from the person I fell for,
And so did my love.

I was trapped in my own car,
He jumped in my car and started driving,
Passing through scary drives which looked like a dream once,
Threatening to make me his,
With a plan to kidnap me in the name of eloping.

I was trapped in my own car,
He became violent seeing my resistance,
I choose to live with the stain of elopement,
Rather than being forced to love,
In the land of Manipur where eloping with or without consent seems to be a shortcut to marriage.

I was trapped in my own car,
He speeded the car as rescuers follows,
Even after being rescued I wasn’t able to step down as my clothes were ripped,
Covering myself with the “Phanek” (Sarong) the brave older lady gave,
I stepped down from the car with uncontrollable tears facing a crowd with judging looks.

~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


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