025 It’s all in the mind : The Drive just after the snow!

The Drive just after the snow!

It’s a cold snowy day,
Your hands and face frozen after cleaning the snow off your car,
Roads are slippery and icy,
The visibility is low with ice on your windshield.

You see accidents of cars on the way,
You see frozen river giving you the chill thinking how cold it must be,
With all the dangers associated,
There is a certain charm driving just after the snow.

Driving on an abandoned road,
Once filled with traffic,
Making you feel you own it,
Driving at your own speed with your favorite songs played.

As you enjoy the beautiful sight,
All the dirt covered with pure white snow,
The barren tree, now covered with snow making it glow,
Snowflakes falling as the wind blows.

Even the sun won’t miss this sight,
But this beauty is short lived,
As It melts quickly,
Bringing you back to reality with slippery icy road.

Cars stained by the dirt,
Biting you with the bitter cold as you walk by,
When people ask you why bother to drive in such a bad weather,
You smile thinking you wouldn’t miss the beautiful sight and will drive yet again.

~The End~

Picture of George Washington memorial Parkway today.

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.


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