Episode 036 FindingTheVoices : Bhumenjoy Konsam sharing about following his passion in his choice of career

I am proud to present the voice of Bhumenjoy Konsam, Director of Manipuri animated movie Keibu-kei-oiba (The man who turns into a tiger). This is a podcast  (in Meitei-Lon/Manipuri language) and in this episode Bhumenjoy shares about himself, about how his career shaped from studying from Chemistry to Multimedia, choosing career between a low paying Multimedia job versus a Govt. Job in the Indian Army. Even though it was a difficult path to follow, choosing his passion, despite raising eyebrows from friends and relatives in leaving the traditional path, Bhumenjoy followed his passion with his Father’s support.

Bhumenjoy shares interesting details about the multimedia course, his experience in his work and his thought process on choosing his passion or doing a JOB !! He left his job in between to pursue what he wants which lead him to making the movie  Keibu-kei-oiba with his friends. He shares details about career prospect in Multimedia.

This is a very inspiring story to follow your dream career path, despite all odds, a path which you are passionate about and which you like rather than being pressured into following the expected traditional path which you don’t like.

Please continue to tune in to listen to Episode 037 FindingTheVoices :  Bhumenjoy Konsam sharing about making of the Manipuri animated movie Keibu-kei-oiba which covers very interesting details of behind the scene in making the Manipuri animated movie Keibu-kei-oiba.


8 thoughts on “Episode 036 FindingTheVoices : Bhumenjoy Konsam sharing about following his passion in his choice of career

  1. Bhumenjoy is one of its kind, a true aspiring artist. I always knew from the very beginning that there is something about Bhumen. Very humble and down-to-earth soul. He is also one of the individual who strongly inspired me to walk down to the road of 3D Animation. We always shared things together through e-mails and phone though we haven’t meet each other personally. I truly believe many folks will be inspire by his podcast.

    I personally enjoyed the podcast a lot. Beautifully narrated how he chased his dreams with ideal hope and strong vision. I always wanted him to share his journey to the world. Now, we are able to hear his story through FindingtheVoices. Kudos again to FTV.

  2. I am amazed to see the immense growth of Findingthevoices in the short span of time. One day, Findingthevoices will definitely curve shape as “Noah’s Ark”.I love the way how each individual’s stories are being captured in time eternally. Future generations will be truly please to witness such phenomenal method when we are long gone. I genuinely validated, it is one of the best outcome ever created related to Manipuris and the world at large. Nevertheless, it doesn’t ask anything from you rather it gives you more by creating marvelous resources packed with full of wisdom and great inspiring stories in the format of podcasts.

  3. Really very motivation conversation from our very own Brother who believed himself more than others aspect of his career which is Unique in this present scenario. I personally know Da. Bhumenjoy since last 3-4 years. He is the person who has immense quality of responsibility, accountability and Calm, honest and livelihood. I owe his idea and blessing all his future. Looking forward more & more such an incredible work from Dearest Brother. Thanks a lot for sharing such a motivational life story to the world, how we need to choose our career. Thanks

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  5. feeling overwhelm joy.we hv plenty of moviez 4 d adults bt 4 our little buddies it z hard 2 find.todays youngsters r very much lack of love our motherland
    .in order to create more emotional set up 4 our motherland hoping to Produce more animated movies based on our history.

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