097 It’s all in the mind : The Tree at Punshilok

The Tree at Punshilok

I stood mesmerized by this tree,
With jet black trunk,
Looking rough and strong,
Growing on a hill,
A hill which once was barren,
Nurtured back,
Filling with greens and colors,
With different trees and flowers,
By kind-hearted people,
Believing in the balance of nature,
Rippling love and harmony to the humans,
Even giving a taste of calmness,
If you ever seek to connect back to nature,
Be sure to follow the trail,
Leading to Punshilok in Manipur,
Giving you a chance,
To play with the cold water trickling from the small stream,
To inhale the raw smell of the reddish soil of the hill,
To soak the fresh smell of bamboo leaves,
To lay your eyes on the tree with jet black trunk,
and stand where I stood feeling the creativity pouring out,
Your heart pleading to sit back and watch,
Watch the view of the valley with the green hills tucked behind,
And if you are early you might even catch the sunrise,
The sight which will make your heart seek,
To return yet again.


~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.

Dedicating this poem to everyone who have nurtured this hill which was once barren. A great example of change initiated by the people bringing each tiny effort together from planting to cleaning up, and nurturing it back to a green luscious hill. Thanks to everyone at Punshilok, Manipur

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