Episode 043 FindingTheVoices : Chonchon Kashung, Tangkhul and AO Naga from Manipur sharing her journey of being a Model in America

Today I am with ChonChon joining me from Florida in the United States. ChonChon is a Tangkhul and AO Naga, originally from Manipur, currently pursuing Modeling trying to turn her dreams into a reality here in the United States of America. Her father is from Manipur and mother from Nagaland and grew up moving around within India.

It is amazing to see that she is a full time student (A Film and Television Major at UWF, Florida.) and She shares a very interesting perspective about being a student getting scholarship, doing many part time jobs, modeling, hair and makeup etc. to be independent and financing her own education for the most part.

She is petite and only 5 feet 1 inch and YES you can be a model, she shares details on how she started to model and different aspect of work (Print, catalog, Magazine etc.) in the modeling world.

She has won titles including Miss Multicultural 2012 1st Runner up at Pensacola, Florida and Miss Kultur 2013.


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    she is really great…& interesting…I am sure many young ladies would be very inspired by her story…We are proud of her…Way to go, sis..!!!Wish you all the best!!!

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