Episode 020 FindingTheVoices : Ingudam Tomba Singh 80 year old man sharing his journey of getting education growing up from his Village Oinam in Manipur

020 FindingTheVoices Ingudam Tomba Singh 80 year old Man sharing his journey of getting his education growing up from his Village Oinam in Manipur

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This is one of the most difficult and special podcast for me.

Today we have a very interesting story from an almost 80-year-old man. He shares about his earlier life growing up from Oinam village in Manipur and walking 3 miles to go to school at Nambol everyday after he does his chores of farming. He started farming at a very young age and explains the process of farming using a cow. He used Hay and ash to wash off the muddy feet and run to attend school on time. In his locality, he was known for walking so quickly that people can’t see his feet touching the ground.   I am proud to present his wonderful story about growing up from a village and how he strived to study against all odds and proving how important EDUCATION is. He wouldn’t care and gave up materialistic items, but made sure that all his 4 children are educated inspite of the financial constraints, treating sons and daughters equally. I believe in EEMUL : Ema Epa Mitna Uba Laini (Parents are living God) and yes he is my living God.   I am blessed to have the honour to talk with Ingudam Tomba Singh, retired from Lilong Houreibi College and Vice Principal from Oriental College, Imphal and my Father. And I thank FindingTheVoices for such a wonderful special moment where my Father is sharing his story and I came to know things which I didn’t know earlier.

He had to stop going to his school for 2 years as they were not able to effort his education and that left him totally heart-broken. He was and is  a person who believes in education. He was so heart-broken that he was smoking during that 2 years phase to cope up at that very young age of 1o years old. This was during the time of 2nd world war and as I was growing up he told many interesting stories about what the war and Japanese soldiers. Growing up, there was no electricity in his house and studying was mostly during daylight or using light from burning wood call uchan and from Kerosene lamp called podon.

He completed his school and went to D.M College and became teacher at Johnston Higher Secondary School. His first salary is Rs 100 per month as a teacher from Johnston Higher Secondary School and in those time that was a huge amount and had lot of value. He completed his Masters from Gauhati University and then started teaching at Digboi College in Assam. Later he came to Manipur and continued in teaching profession as a Lecturer in Zoology and Vice Principal at Oriental college, Imphal and retired from Lilong Houreibi College.

I really admire his honesty, keeping time and his word, most importantly his value of raising and educating his kids without any difference of gender. And we plan to have more episodes to follow and talk about raising, educating and treating kids equally without any differences based on Gender.

This podcast is in Meitei Lon (Manipuri) Language.


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