Manipuri Food: Vegetarian Ushop

For those who wants to know about Manipuri food, here is a sample picture of Manipuri Food, pure vegetarian, generally served in ushop in the temples or at home during religious gathering, death anniversary etc.


Row 1 (L to R):Chilly Pickle, Pakora thongba, Chak-hau (Black aromatic rice), X1, Peas Kang hou, X2, Pakora thongba X3, Pumkin thongba, X4, Chumphut

Row 2(L to R): Water Y1, Y2, Sinju, Laphu (Banana stem) Eromba, Y3, Bori Thongba, Sagolhawai thongba, Hawai (Dal) thongba, Peanut Kanghou, Y4, Paneer thongba, OOti Y5, Y6, Kheer, Y7, Y8

<X and Y value will be filled once I get confirmation on these items (this is not a formula 🙂 , Please help in filling in the X and Y values with the correct dish name>

Thanks to Jubachandra Sagolsem for sharing this picture.


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