For Dog lovers as pet : Dedicated to “Ruby the dog” and all Missing dogs in Manipur

This Album is dedicated to “Ruby the dog”, all dog lovers as pet and all dogs who went missing in Manipur landing up in people’s plate, without giving a chance to the owner to say Good bye.

STOP stealing people’s pet. STOP eating people’s pet. If you want to eat, buy it, raise your own and eat it but STOP eating by stealing people’s pet.

Ruby The Dog

Such an adorable little dog, With soft black and white fur, And expressive beautiful eyes, Winning everyone’s heart, The minute she walked in our home.

She guarded the house, Welcoming family and friends with her wagging tail, And barking notoriously warning us of strangers, She practically grew up with us, Witnessing every milestones of our life.

She gets older, bony and almost blind, And one fine day she went for a walk never to return back, Words spread that Ruby was hit by a truck, But no trace of her and no body found, And we never got a chance to say goodbye.

It’s a small community, Where you always know who is doing what, But no one will say anything about Ruby’s truck accident, Time went by, Searches continues without any success.

Mr. Mei fully drunk walks by our and his “Leirak” (road leading to home), Swaying and barely able to walk, As though he had the last ounce of guilt left in drunken body, He confessed that he ate one and only “Matum” (piece)of Ruby, As the others are gobbled up by the other drunks.

Thanks everyone for sharing these beautiful pictures of your dog and sharing about your dog.


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