Episode 021 FindingTheVoices : Halley Laithangbam the successful male model from Manipur in the glamour Industry

021 FindingTheVoices Halley Laithangbam the successful male model from Manipur in the glamour Industry

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Today I am with a Guest Speaker where many listeners have requested to have him at our show from the very beginning when we just started our talk show. And here he is at our 21st episode, we are proud to present Halley Laithangbam, the successful male model with cute dimple baby smiles from Manipur who has captured himself in national and international platform in glamour industry.

Driven by self motivation and passionate in chasing his dream, Halley started modeling at the age of 17. With a name like Halley , it gave him a noted stand when he entered the field. His revolutionary looks, macho body but cute dimple baby smiles made him most lovable and successful model . Halley bagged numerous titles including MR.PUNE CITADEL 2010 MAN-HUNT MANIPUR 2002 MR.SURYADATTA 2005 and achieved many other prizes in different fashion related events.

Listen to Halley sharing his interesting journey of getting into the glamour industry. He also shares his view about the financial aspect of modelling.

What I am hearing is that in the fashion Industry, Manipuri look is well accepted. But it may be difficult to get a break in Bollywood and Indian Movie Industry as the Characters in Bollywood movies doesn’t call for Manipuri look . Bollywood Wake up !!


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