An article by Monica Ingudam

Everyone goes through rejections at some point of their life. It may rejections in love, in friendship, in work or any form of human relationships. Whatever form it may be, you will be hurt, really hurt making your heart ache so bad that you will cry. And it’s ok to cry. You are only human to cry. And nothing or no one can help you ease your heart ache. It’s only you, your solitude and time that can heal you.

Sometimes you come out emerging strong but loosing your belief in love, life, friendship or relationship. Sometimes you come out weak loosing your belief in yourself and remain broken. And sometimes you are stuck and in the moment of weakness you will loose yourself. Now the question is how to come out strong and drive towards the bright light from the dark tunnel, believing in yourself, transitioning from being a victim to a survivor to living your life.

No matter what advice you get from people or what you have read, it’s you and only you who have to step out of the darkness. Take the time you need but be sure to come out of the darkness you have been in. Open your eyes, look in all directions, directions which pulls you in, which makes you happy, which makes you smile and you will be surprised. Surprised in finding beautiful things in life which you have never seen before and will question yourself on how blinded you were not to notice it earlier. And you will start to see that there is no reason to waste your time in wallowing yourself with people or things who takes you to the dark tunnel, time and again. It is your choice, and only you can choose to move to beautiful things in life and find yourself. But find yourself, for you are special, precious and you deserve it.

Once you have found your place, place filled with your beautiful things bringing out your best smile, you will realize that you actually missed the light. And you can see events from a different perspective and move on with your life, with a stronger you.

It’s easy to fall back even after you found your place. But you should never give up. Once you know you are falling towards the dark tunnel, be quick to turn yourself to your space, your space of beautiful things. The space is different and unique for each of you. For some it may be reading, for some it may be music or writing or photography or gardening or walking or running or movies. There are tons of options, just open your eyes and you will know what pulls you in. Bringing you to a place where you, only you can control your state of mind and no one will ever drive you back in the dark tunnel. You are a survivor and you will find your way to living a beautiful life.

~The End~

Dedicated to everyone scratched by Rejections.



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