Trailer 2 Episode 044 FindingTheVoices Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei Author of Tales Of Human Mischief and A Cursed land sharing about his book A Cursed land

Coming up this Friday is the podcast of Nameirakpam Bobo Meitei, Author of “Tales Of Human Mischief” and “A Cursed land”, Here is the clipping of the podcast where we talk about his 2nd book “A Cursed land”

“With enormous easiness he goes home to see his ailing father. When he returns, after he has faced the vanity of humans at the place where his father is diagnosed with cancer, he finds his girlfriend dead. She has been a victim of sexual abuse. This incident thickens the gloom in him, and as though it isn’t enough he loses his father. ”

Read more about “A cursed land”

Here is the previous clipping released earlier where we talk about one of his initial writing “Colored Education” which he wrote based on an experience during his stay in Thailand, where racism is a big thing. Also we talk about being out of place, not being recognized as Indians within India and where many of his references in his books come from. His book are fiction but the characters, incidents in his books are inspired by facts and stories he has heard.

Read the initial writings of Bobo at e-pao before he published his 2 books.


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  1. Chinglemba (NC Mangang)

    When I heard the trailer of podcast of Bobo’s second book “A Cursed Land”, I’m truly touched with the way he describes about the normal life of the people of Manipur/Kangleipak living in the state and how people in this society struggles for their life. Even I like the way he says how other people thinks and talks about this beautiful state “Manipur”. Honestly, if I got a chance I’ll be reading this book.
    I’m looking forward for more books about Manipur from his pen and let the world know much better about the state.
    Eche Monica your works are tremendous and may the Almighty gives you more good health and please please continue the podcast with more inspiring people.

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