Episode 019 FindingTheVoices : Hemanta Khuman, Director/Assistant Director of Manipuri Musical Videos and Movies

019 FindingTheVoices Hemanta Khuman Director and Assistant Director of Manipuri Musical Videos and Movies, featuring Kaina Peerang

HemantaKhuman (11)I am proud to present the voice of a very young Director of Manipuri Musical Video and Movies, Hemanta Khuman. Recently I saw this beautiful Manipuri Music Video “Kaina Peerang” and I was Zapped, in less than 6 minutes there is a beautiful passionate tragic love story with a perfect blend of manipuri ethnic wears with the modern look, beautiful star cast, beautiful scenic location with a beautiful song… it’s awesome, Congratulations to Hemanta Khuman and your team. Great Work !!! Hemanta Khuman worked as Assistant director for Phijigee Mani, the movie received Best Regional Film Award in Manipuri language at the 59th National Film awards for the year . Hemanta works very closely under the guidance of Director Oinam Gautam

FindingTheVoices is proud to feature Kaina Peerang , the video musical which caught my eye and lead me to search for the person behind this. We see all these wonderful work and never get to hear the voice of people behind the scene, and one of the goal for FindingTheVoices is to hear the voices of people behind the scenes to create such wonderful work. This podcast episode covers his experience in making of this video from the young 23 year old Director. Hemanta promised that he will come up with strong Character woman in future where the woman is strong and don’t end up dying 🙂

Thanks to all the Team members of Kaina Peerang in making this wonderful Manipuri Video musical.

  • Cast: Soma n Dekey
  • Singer: Pratima n Suren
  • Lyrics: Abung  wai
  • Music: Rahul
  • Make up: Jenny Khurai n Russia
  • Costume: Galif Pa
  • Camera: Mohon Kangla
  • Asst Camera: Danao
  • Director: Hemanta Khuman

9 thoughts on “Episode 019 FindingTheVoices : Hemanta Khuman, Director/Assistant Director of Manipuri Musical Videos and Movies

  1. monicana video sigi review yengbidre mayamna ka henna pambasu natte yamna khoidarurise maram leiramdou mallida …. english tagi manipuri da onthokhibasidi khara fajaba watlida. he is too young to face such kind of interview… interview gi formality kharasu maintain touhanningee….ateidi yare/

    • I am not a professional podcaster and am learning with every episode. Please excuse my inexperience. Podcasting is a hobby for me.

      We see talent in Hemanta ‘s work and yes we love the video, and it is our small way to provide encouragement and promote talents to upcoming and unseen young talents to the whole world.

  2. music video asi yam fajei,houjik houjik manipurigi situation asida based tou e…mi amana taba yengba matamda thamoida chingsinba fao e….video asiga eshei mayek asiga yam chanei…..mipum khudingmakna yam pamme

  3. Manipurgee video album pumnmktgi findingthevoice na kaina peerang video album asibu select toubirkpda aaeeba oijaruba eigisu haraoba nungaiba fongdokchari. Sometimes injustise may happen to innocent people. Crime n abusements will only lead to a land of dark shadow. Haibsisu video director Hemanta Khuman na eingonda da abung karigumba msg amadi piningi haibdgi eina kupna hanjin hanjin concentrate tourna matungda eihakna eejakhiba wahei parengni. Adubu all the successful credit ti hemanta da pijari. Success comes only after his high thinking visual concept presentation.

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  5. i really appreciate sis monika for the finding the voice i just know today about this talk show n especially hemanta khuman he is best friend while im doing a vedio album with him that time he was asst director for oja O.Gautam n today he become vedio director i appreciate him also for his hard work

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