FindingTheVoices with Reverend Father Joseph Kachiramattam, shares about Extortionists, kidnapping, shooting and killing of priests in Manipur. (Part 3)

Guest Speaker : Reverend Father Joseph Kachiramattam, Catholic Priest.
Language: Interview in English

Location: Priests’ Home, Mantripukhri in Imphal, Manipur, India

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During the 90’s and early 2000’s, some underground groups and extortionists kidnapped and even shot and killed some priests of the Catholic Church. Father Mattam talks about some of these incidents where the fathers and brothers of the Church were the victims. He says that peace and development can never be achieved using bullets. He believes in solving such kind of problems by negotiating and talking between the two parties without the use of violent means. He feels that the other party should express what they really want and that their movement should be meaningful. Even after a series of such attacks on the Church, the priests in Manipur continue to stay brave and keep serving the people, doing God’s work. Father Mattam says that the people who are here to serve, who love God, are committed and that they are not afraid of death, pain and suffering or any kind of threat. He quoted by saying, “If you want peace, stand for truth and justice. Don’t be afraid of death.”

In this episode, Father Mattam tells a story about his early days when he first chose the path to becoming a priest; learning Latin, studying Seminary for 3 years, Philosophy for 3 years and another 4 years for Theology. He says that he was determined and by God’s grace, he was able to complete his 10 years course. He says that he felt no desire to go back nor did he feel any regret for have chosen this path. His first assignment after his ordinance was in Manipur. Father Mattam had no idea where Manipur was located even though he was the one who volunteered to be posted there. In fact, he was actually searching for Manipur on a map with the help of another priest before starting his journey!


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