HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Salam Memi Devi

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Mother’s Name: Salam Memi Devi, Ex Graduate Teacher, Nambol Leiren Girl’s Higher Secondary School, Nambol, Manipur.

I APPRECIATE her selflessness. After my father (who served as a CAPT in the Indian Army)passed away, she came to live in her natal home, where she settled herself. She was the only earning member of a big extended family(my grandfather had two wives and ten children). However, she was not deterred by the huge responsibility she had before her. Though my grandfather was quite well off, he became alcoholic and didn’t care much for his children’s development. So, from looking after her younger siblings and their offsprings, to bringing us up(me and my elder sister) with meagre resource and limited support, she has come along way. She didn’t have to do any of this. She was very young when her fate made her a widow; beautiful and independent. But, she opted the road less taken.

So, thank you mother on behalf of all of us for all your love and sacrifices. We love you so much. I pledge my life to you. You are my soul, my God. Happy Mother’s Day!

I am sorry that I am unable to give you as much time as I would have wanted to.

Submitted by : Maisnam Dhaneswari, Cabin Services Director, Qatar Airways, Doha,Qatar.


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