FindingTheVoices with Reverend Father Joseph Kachiramattam, life as a priest in Manipur for 58 years. (Part 4)

Guest Speaker : Reverend Father Joseph Kachiramattam, Catholic Priest.
Language: Interview in English

Location: Priests’ Home, Mantripukhri in Imphal, Manipur, India

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The Catholic Church in Manipur has established more than 40 schools in the nook and corners of the state. In 1956, the plot which is current occupied by Nirmalabas High School, Imphal was the centre for the Catholic Missions. From there, they expanded their mission to reach the remote places of Manipur. The Nirmalabas School was then founded in February of 1958 in the little house they had bought at Rs. 49,000. They shifted to Chingmeirong on 31st January, 1958 and later on built the Church in 1959. Reverend Father Joseph Kachiramattam was the first diocesan priest to be posted in Manipur. He has been living in Manipur for 58 years since 27th July, 1958 and has served the people, carrying out God’s will and teaching the truthful way of life.

Father Mattam says that there are now more than hundred non-local Indian priests and more than fifty local priests in the state. He says that other priests may come and go, but the diocesan priests are incarcerated to the Diocese which they are assigned and will continue to serve till the end. He talks about the sacrifices the priests have to make when they choose this way of life. During the 60’s, the priests were allowed a stipend of Rs. 3 per day for their livelihood. Now, their stipend is only about Rs. 3000-4000 per month.  Towards the end of this episode, the reverend gives a message for the people in meitei-lon.


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