Presenting the first part of the podcast (in Meitei-lon) of Romi Meitei, Director of Manipuri Movies, sharing his vision of Manipur Movie Industry. He is one of the eminent Manipuri movie director having more than 10 years of experience working in Manipur movie industry as a Director, script writer and even writing lyrics of songs (including one of my favorite Inga Nonglakta).

Episode 058 FindingTheVoices Romi Meitei Director of Manipuri Movies sharing his vision of Manipur Movie Industry (Part1)

This was a very interesting discussion where Romi Meitei shared his experience and vision of Manipuri movie industry. Listen to his podcast to hear his thoughts on “Have the movies in Manipur Industry changed in the last 10 years ? How is the infrastructure ? Are we equipped with a studio ? Are there any government policy or incentives for promoting the movie industry ?

We spoke about the immense talents but lack of sponsors for quality movie production. The movies right now are more market driven to get back the investment.

Watch his short movies Noong Amadi Yeroom (Rock And Egg) and Kaangkhada Lin (Snake under the Bed)