Episode 014 FindingTheVoices : Assault of Manipuri film actress Momoco Khangembam by NSCN-IM cadre Livingstone Anal

014 FindingTheVoices Assault of Manipuri film actress Momoco by NSCN-IM cadre Livingstone

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Today I am with Khangembam Rosnia, popularly known as Momoco, Manipuri Film Actress. She is only 21 years old now but had to step up taking responsibility of helping out financially at a very young age when she was in 11th Grade  after her father became sick.  It is very important to note that Artists in Manipur are not paid very well, it cannot be compared with Bollywood or Hollywood at all. The meager income she gets from acting in movies, Video musical songs and hosting helps in running her family supporting her father who is struggling back and forth from Hospital.

The best thing I like about her is that , in spite of all these heavy responsibilities at a young age, she continued  juggling with Studies and Acting and has graduated BSc(BioChemistry & Botany) from DM college, Manipur and plan to continue with Her Masters. I strongly believe in education and I am glad to see that she is pursuing her education.

Momoco was hosting as programme announcer for a fund raising musical concert at Chandel district by Mahamani Women’s Society. NSCN-IM cadre Livingstone Anal pulled her down from the chair and started kicking her continuously towards her face.  Livingstone tried to kill another two artistes (Singer Prakash Soraisham & Actor Guna who came running to rescue her). Livingstone fired at point blank range but they escaped unhurt.  All this because Momoco didn’t encourage his behaviour of talking, touching her hair and body. Momoco went there to do her work to support her livelihood and not to sell her body. What is chilling to hear is that when these terrible incident happened there were police personnel and more than 100 people were present but nobody came to help except some womenfolks. All the men were standing like a statue.

We strongly condemned the brutal act of Livingstone and want necessary legal actions is taken against him.

Today Momoca shares with us the incident in detail …

8 thoughts on “Episode 014 FindingTheVoices : Assault of Manipuri film actress Momoco Khangembam by NSCN-IM cadre Livingstone Anal

  1. Regarding the Momoco Interview::
    Based on the interview i have some queries …
    If Cease Fire is there, than the Police can,t safe someone who is in trouble or what??? Is there any law with regards to this? Can they carry gun in public places and fire at will? What the govt. is still doing, are they going to act on this or will kept aside as days passes by???? Everybody everyone is corrupted, whats the future of KANGLEIPAK (MANIPUR)!!!!!

  2. Momoco,we’re very sorry to hear about the incident and we do want the accused to be punished well. But just a piece of advice to you, u’re a celeb in Manipur and so you need to refine on how you talk and ur words. You have to be diplomatic, and should be brave while facing the truth. There were lines which were small,yet volatile. Your comments about the stage of investigations, referring the government with political issues were even dangerous for you. ”Sha na shibana khongulda,meena shibana wahei da” haiba wafam amadi takhibagum touwe. So if you don’t mind,u’re a celeb of Manipur not just for Imphal,so choose the words well. Besides we pray for your speedy recovery,and we wish to see the accused behind bars or with a fitted punishments!
    Che Monica, as usual,u did it again. Thanks for letting us know about the incident.

    • Dear Joyraj Waikhom, in this case its not about being a celebrity or a star. This concerns the women population as a whole. Its about how our meitei eche n echans are treated by these people(NSCN IM and the likes). It may happen to our sisters or aunts or even our very own mothers!!! This is about dignity and respect. And how we are being treated like scums. This is about the fate of our women folks of our society. Such kind of unfortunate incident may happen to anyone not just the artists. We should look from this point of view. So i think this is not the time to be choosing decent words. Its good eche momoco has expressed the truth n how she is feeling with no fear whatsoever. Be strong sister. We are all with you.

      • First of all, we are very sorry to hear this incident of mommoco. We strongly condemn the brutal and coward act of Livingstone. And I don’t understand one thing, if cease fire is there and the police and the Assam rifles can’t do anything there,then what’s the need of them keeping there?? It’s pointless.Moreover does this cease fire means that they (NSCN IM)can do anything whatever they like over there? Then hell to the govt. And whats more funny about our state security forces is that they pretend to be very powerful in the plain region of the state only and they are indeed a coward in hilly regions.. shame on them. I guess its high time that we all together join hands and do something so that this kind of incident will not happen again. Last but not the least, Joyraj waikhom (no offence) its no time to see and refine words ,its time we support her for she came out infront of everyone and share the incident boldly. Let the culprit be punished.
        P.S. Che Monica thanx for the updates.

  3. It’s unfortunate and sad.
    What is more pathetic is the reaction of certain people,even on this page: Joyraj Waikhom, no offence, but why so much of ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ for monica and not for the real criminal and the sinner!? may be some people will also suggest her not to carry mobile phones, not to go to the chinese food joints and ask her how many male friends she has!! shame on us!

  4. hi sis Momoko, proud to have a meitei girl like you to speak to public about the incident..Time for all the manipuris to open their eyes… the accused should be given the right punishment….. where is the law and order of manipur ! terrorist ruling.. or government ruling? why we select the government if they cant protect the citizens… and organising programs in a disturbed area … with less security and even that armed security are just the audience.. what they are for..? Are they doing duty or one of the spectator?

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