Episode 016 FindingTheVoices : Jamuna Devi Advani, writer of the book “Land of the Dancing Deer”, deer referring to Sangai found in Manipur

016 FindingTheVoices Jamuna Devi Advani writer of the book Land of the Dancing Deer, deer referring to Sangai found in Manipur

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I am proud to present the interview with Jamuna Devi Advani, originally from Manipur, currently located in California, USA and writer of the book “Land of the Dancing Deer”, deer referring to Sangai found in Manipur. She has created a beautiful family history in poetry and her book begins with reflections about her memories, beliefs and stories of her life’s journey particularly in Manipur.

I am honoured to receive an autograph copy of her book “Land of The Dancing Deer”, I really enjoyed her book, it took me back to Manipur as I was reading the book and seeing it from her eyes at that era in Manipur and her pictures/paintings added to my imagination in seeing her grandmother and other incidents which she had mentioned in the book. Her book is available at Amazon , Lulu and Ebook. Also you can follow her Blog with interesting story and writings.

She has very interesting thoughts and advice to share on raising kids, inter marriage between different communities sharing her own experience having married out of the community.

I really admire her strong positive attitude, giving out so much positive energy and openness in trying different things, keeping up with modern technologies and times after suffering a great lost when her husband passed away. And she plays golf too 🙂


8 thoughts on “Episode 016 FindingTheVoices : Jamuna Devi Advani, writer of the book “Land of the Dancing Deer”, deer referring to Sangai found in Manipur

  1. Real elated to hear an interview from a Veteran like you,Ma’am Jamuna. I loved the way you did expressed yaself, and wished i had a bobok supercool like YOU!!(though i had one too,but yet again!!) I did be accompanying you to the golf course as your caddie!!! I love that spirit of you going for GOLF!!
    Talking about the book,m anxiously looking ahead on gettin my hands on them. Being an amateur poet myself,I’ll surely be inspired to write more and more. Praying for you and a longer smile from you!Cheers!

  2. Nice to hear super cool aunty Jamuna’s podcast here..she sure is an amazing woman.I was fortunate enough to have met her in California in ’10…..we feel so blessed to have known and met her in person.I love everything about her….She always calls up to say hi hello & leaves sweet messages for me which is so special for me !!!! She always teases me & asks where have I been in flight or on trips??She is also very witty….Thx FTV for this awesome podcast….I must encourage our young brethren everywhere to get to know her….you wont regret….ever !!! Once again…I loved this podcast…..!!!amazing lady she is Aunty Jamuna! !!

  3. ….great….long live finding the voices…
    eche my humble request is that i wish to hear…about Eche Vinalaxmi Nepram’s life history.. in future..if it is possible…i love it all and enjoyed..all the best…

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  5. Unexpected a real nectar from Manipur twinkling in the European country. Thanks to finding the voice for podcasting JamunaAdvani

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