005 FindingTheVoices Bijou Thaangjam introducing and promoting Manipuri Food at Master Chef India

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I am proud to present you the interview with Bijou Thaangjam,sharing his experience participating in Master Chef India and reality TV show Super Santa with bollywood movie star Asin.

He shares amazing details of the grooming phase and trainings he received as part of the show. Being a Foodie myself, It was very interesting to know all the details behind the show. I am very impressed and proud that he used many recipes inspired/customized from traditional Manipuri recipe (Chagempomba, tharoi thongba, Nganum etc.) which took him to top 50. Also he shared many other interesting projects he is working on (T-shirt branding to promote Manipur, Cooking show and food festivals all over India, Pressure-point therapist, Acting/Modelling projects).

I am so touched to hear his journey, such a strong young man coming up all the way from being a victim of bullying, going through doing all possible odd jobs with strong aspirations to finally become a public figure/Celebrity and motivate young people and guide them. Such a admirable thought and aim. Wishing Bijou Good Luck and success in his career.


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