Good Bites : “Aloo Kanghou & Bora” Potato Fry, crispy fry peas with potato/chives/onions fritters

It is raining here at Washington DC and it will be nice to have “Aloo Kanghou & Bora” Potato Fry, crispy fry peas with potato/chives/onions fritters with “Cha Angangba” red tea (on the sweeter side please !!) flavored with bay leaf & ginger. Perfect for any afternoon tea !!


About FindingTheVoices

Welcome to FindingTheVoices.

Today I am sharing about FindingTheVoices. It is a short presentation less than 3 minutes which gives the details about FindingTheVoices.

Thanks to all our listeners for all your support. Please keep your request for Guest Speakers, feedback and wonderful comments coming in.

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Manipuri Food: Vegetarian Ushop

For those who wants to know about Manipuri food, here is a sample picture of Manipuri Food, pure vegetarian, generally served in ushop in the temples or at home during religious gathering, death anniversary etc.


Row 1 (L to R):Chilly Pickle, Pakora thongba, Chak-hau (Black aromatic rice), X1, Peas Kang hou, X2, Pakora thongba X3, Pumkin thongba, X4, Chumphut

Row 2(L to R): Water Y1, Y2, Sinju, Laphu (Banana stem) Eromba, Y3, Bori Thongba, Sagolhawai thongba, Hawai (Dal) thongba, Peanut Kanghou, Y4, Paneer thongba, OOti Y5, Y6, Kheer, Y7, Y8

<X and Y value will be filled once I get confirmation on these items (this is not a formula 🙂 , Please help in filling in the X and Y values with the correct dish name>

Thanks to Jubachandra Sagolsem for sharing this picture.

Episode 008 Manipuri Food: Bobby Soram sharing recipe of Nganum (steamed/baked fish) with herbs

Episode 008 FindingTheVoices Bobby Soram sharing recipe of Manipuri Food Nganum 

Today we are going to talk about Food & cooking with Bobby Soram originally from Manipur and now based in Delhi. Bobby is sharing a recipe for making one of the authentic Manipuri food “Nganum” which is baked fish with herbs. Bobby is mother of 2 wonderful kids. Thanks to Bobby for sharing the recipe, pictures and content of this post. If you try this recipe, please let us know how it came out for you.

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Nganum recipe:

Preparation and cooking time – 40-45 minutes


1. Small fish- mukkak nga or nga- sang or any small fish- 250 gms

2. Turmeric leaves, 4-5

3. Banana leaves, half the leaf

4. Maroi napaakpi ( a small bunch say 10-15 of them) or onion/spring onion- cut into small pieces. One small onion or two small spring onions.

4. 4-5 Green chillies sliced into halves

5. Turmeric powder- one teaspoon

6. Mustard oil ( optional)

7. Salt to taste one  teaspoon.

wash the fish gently and drain the excess water

Clean the banana and turmeric leaves with a wet cloth and spread it on a plate, Banana leaves layered with turmeric leaves on top.

In the meantime, boil  some water in a rice cooker putting  the steamer on top. You can do this while cooking rice too.  when the water while cooking rice starts boiling

Gently Mix the fish, cut chillies maroi napakpi or onions, turmeric powder and salt to taste. Some people pour a teaspoon of mustard oil so that the fishes does not stick. But that is optional.

After mixing it, spread the mixture on the leaves. Wrap it up properly and put it on a steel or aluminum  quarter plate. Place the plate with the wrapped fishes on the steamer and close the lid.Steam it for about 15 minutes.

Remove the wrapped fish with a big spatula from the steamer and place it on a tawa on the gas stove. Place a heavy utensil, a heavy plate or toksu on top of it. Heat it on low flame for about 15 minutes turning sides carefully. This is to remove excess water from the leaves.

Now open the  wrapped fish and check. Your aromatic Nganum is ready.

* traditional method in Manipur is to bake it on low flame  without steaming.I prefer steaming it first.

* you can try this recipe with fresh mackerel, tuna, Elish fish or pomphret too.

Customization of Nganum’s recipe using Hilsa fish and spring onions instead of maroi Napakpi shared by our listener Sairem Surjarani from Montreal. Also turmeric leaf used was from dried one. Thanks to Surjarani for sharing the picture.

Episode 005 FindingTheVoices Bijou Thaangjam introducing and promoting Manipuri Food at Master Chef India

005 FindingTheVoices Bijou Thaangjam introducing and promoting Manipuri Food at Master Chef India

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I am proud to present you the interview with Bijou Thaangjam,sharing his experience participating in Master Chef India and reality TV show Super Santa with bollywood movie star Asin.

He shares amazing details of the grooming phase and trainings he received as part of the show. Being a Foodie myself, It was very interesting to know all the details behind the show. I am very impressed and proud that he used many recipes inspired/customized from traditional Manipuri recipe (Chagempomba, tharoi thongba, Nganum etc.) which took him to top 50. Also he shared many other interesting projects he is working on (T-shirt branding to promote Manipur, Cooking show and food festivals all over India, Pressure-point therapist, Acting/Modelling projects).

I am so touched to hear his journey, such a strong young man coming up all the way from being a victim of bullying, going through doing all possible odd jobs with strong aspirations to finally become a public figure/Celebrity and motivate young people and guide them. Such a admirable thought and aim. Wishing Bijou Good Luck and success in his career.

FindingTheVoices: Introduction by Monica Ingudam

Episode 000 FindingTheVoices Introduction by Monica Ingudam

Welcome to, Khurumjari, mityeng tabiriba punamakpu taramna okchari.

I am Monica Ingudam, IT Professional, Freelance interpreter for Manipuri (Meitei Lon) Language, proud to be a Manipuri, blessed to be playing different roles and wearing multiple hats in my life. Becoming a Mother is the best role I could have ever asked and I love wearing the hat of a podcaster FindingTheVoices , searching for voices which should be heard and shared with everyone 🙂

In my spare time (If I have it at all, 24 Hrs. a day is not enough !!), mostly during my drive to work in my car, enjoying the scenic route of GW Parkway in Washington DC (or diffusing the frustration of traffic !!), I love to talk and hear the voices of my family, friends and people to talk about things I believe in (Yes, I am using handsfree for my calls in the car), and this is where the idea and discussion for each episode of my podcasting began …

I will be focusing on talking with guest speakers about:

  • Life in general, focusing on inspiring voices/story, empowering Women and Men supporting it.
  • Promoting people, talents and culture of Manipur and the north-eastern part of India including the Fun and entertainment, YES we do have Fun and entertainment ! And NO, no politics !!
  • Different Career and Job options to widen the young minds of Manipur to hear about other line of work. I have spoken to many students and the general perception of career option are to become a Doctor, Engineer or IAS officer. In fact some or many students would study, join extensive coaching classes and wait for 2 to 4 years to get into the medical entrance exam. And within this span, there are many who would become depressed with low self-esteem, lose focus and stray away.
  • Food and Cooking in general, a subject closest to me and I am sure to most people. Who doesn’t enjoy good food ? I started capturing my journey of cooking in my blog Monica Gi Chakhum (Monica’s Kitchen) as I was struggling to deal with everyday cooking after I got married. I am still struggling after 8 years !! You would think it gets better with experience!!.
  • Raising kids and the whole package that comes with it. I am not sure how my Mom and Dad did it raising 4 of us. I beleive in EEMUL (Ema Epa Mitna Uba Laini meaning Parents are living God) and appreciate more and more of what they have done and the sacrifices they have made in making me what I am today.
  • Healthcare, Technologies and how it changes our lifestyle.

and the list will go on and on …

I will be presenting podcasting in English as well as in Manipuri (with the possibility to translate in English) to cater to a global audience.

Please feel free to send me any feedback or comments. Suggestions as to who to interview are most welcome. If you believe in what I am doing and want to contribute in any way, please contact me. This is your show to voice what you stand for, what you believe in, what you want people to know and talk about …

And If you enjoy the show, share it to your friends and please come back again to

Thank you for listening and sharing my journey of finding the voices. Yamna Nungaijare