Thank you everyone for viewing and listening to FindingTheVoices. We have crossed 3000 hits and have viewers/listeners from 34 countries.

Thanks for all the comments, messages and spreading the word. Please come back again for more. This is your show. Here are some selected comments which I wanted to share with all:

Joyraj Waikhom: Like Karna cut off his thumb to gift it to Guru Dronacharya,I did told auntie Michelle my thumb is to Like any cake u bake!! One of her devoted fan and customer,that is I’m. She’s really the Queen to have made every one sweet eating her cake. Her styles,designs and efforts are always worthy to praise. Once again hats off to you. And thankyou ‘fINding the Voices’ for finding the hidden creation we have in our state! Best wishes. 🙂

Bobby Soram: Interesting to hear the success story of Michelles Sweet temptation. Very inspiring. Would love to hear more from people who are doing well in their career all over the globe, esp ladies from Manipur. 🙂:)

Mohen Naorem:  very encouraging and FTV will bind us wishes for Michelle Salam

We are working on improvement based on your feedback/ideas/comments, they are very valuable, so please continue to write back. I am so touched with the response I received from everyone. Thanks !!


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  1. Khundrakpam Neeta

    This Is a Really interesting and very eNcouraging Page..i Would like to give a double Thumbs Up 🙂 n Wishing it’ll be a Gr8 success…I’ll be Here Supporting it All The WäY

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