Episode 042 FindingTheVoices : June Neelu singer from Manipur sharing her journey in the music world

Episode 042 FindingTheVoices : June Neelu singer from Manipur sharing her journey in the music world

Enjoy the podcast of June Neelu, singer from Manipur. June Neelu have won our hearts with her beautiful voice in many of her songs. Her latest addition of video musical “Korou” and “I came, I saw , I conquered” indeed conquered our hearts. Singing is her passion and you can feel it in her songs.

Listen to her amazing journey where you can see her progression from the time she started her journey into the music world recording her songs using chat microphone till now in video musical collaborating with other wonderful talents creating beautiful music joining all our hearts together.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 042 FindingTheVoices : June Neelu singer from Manipur sharing her journey in the music world

  1. fantastic podcast highlighting the journey of young talent june neelu…the platform created by Monica Ingudam make all these possible…thanks Monica & the Finding the voices team..

  2. my frens who met you in person told me you hv an amazing voice…but after listening to some of your songs i realize they are wrong because you r more than amazing

  3. it is said that the written words may not reflect the real inner voice of the heart but i have a different experience as far as u r concerned. the melodious song of the nightingale remind me of ur voice, any sweet song seems incomplete without ur voice, only the perfect thing in this world is ur melodious song, keep on singing not for urself but also for the people like us. Rahul Yenkhom

  4. June Neelu your vocal are really awesome specially on a Cover song of “Moves Like Jagger” and one more things which attracts all is your Smile 🙂 Wishing you to became one of the Gleaming Star all the time.

  5. June Neelu … mingshi angang oiringeidagi parent na thonbirakpra phajei, nahakki family/education/social background pumnamak excelent ni hai-ningngi, atangbani Manipurgi Doctor amagi familyda singer nanggumbi ama yaorakpa haibashi 100 gi manungda 1 ni haibada lanloi khanjei. presently company amada work touri tabadashu penjei,

    Haijaningba amadi lei warougadra? I realy proud of you being a Manipuri, karibu haigadabano manipuri ama oina haigadra “thamoi pikpagi waphamdi natte” June Neelu gumba ama music world ashida expose toubada matam pumbada Meetei/manipurini haiba khangnaba karigumba unique oiba identity amadi loinahanjaning-gi kaigadra? chaokhatte haigadra mashi mi ama oina toupham thokpara haina khanjaduna haijabaniko. adomgi mingduda “June” “Neelu” anishi shijinnabagi mahut ama louraga adomgi ipa ipuna thambiramba meitei eikhoigi yumnak adu happada kari kaigadage???

    Music world ashida nanggumbi magul leibi Manipuri ningol ama litkhatlakpada ‘Manipurini’ haibadu mingdudang tabada khangba ngamnaba haijabani, hoi popularity na adum purakpa natraga taklakpadi yai adubu popurarity haibashiga identity haibashi punna chaminnahanngibagi apambadu Manipuri ama oina/ Manipuris pumnamakna pamba haidu oigadra khanjaduna haijabani lalladra???

    “June” natraga “Neelu” wahei anishidi Inadiadadi Kanagumba amagi hekta oiba yai (shijinnaramba yei) adubu “Meishnam” haibashidi nangi e-mari shagei natei nattana kananashu waiba nattraga shiginnararoidaba waheini, khetnadra???

    Matambudi phanglamloi adubu shanba matamda eiggi massage ashigi apen penda wahei ama anidang share toubiraklagadi Manipuri nabung noupwa ama oina penjagani. Hotnabiyou hotnaba leppiganu henna henna mingchat leinaga unique oiba maongda nahakki surgi magun adu shaktakpa ngamba oihanshi. matamna purakpa oirashanu yaipha manggol pijari/nijari ishworda…

  6. Proud of you, Che June Neelu. Your voice is Awesome!!! I would like more and more music videos from you. I do really appreciate Che Monica for believing and sharing all these fabulous and inspirational people and Kangleipak’s beauty to us and to the world.

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