Behind The Scene : Dog barking while recording for Bijou Thaangjam’s podcast

Most of our podcast recording is on the phone and sometimes we are interrupted by dogs barking at the background and we have to wait 🙂 Lot of people think we are recording in a studio.

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Aruna Thangjam

Mom’s Name & profession: Aruna Thangjam,  home-maker and a very active Social Activist.
I want to appreciate all the qualities that make Her a perfect woman, a wife and a mother. Throughout my life, She have bestowed so many gifts upon me I scarcely know where to begin. She have always been at my side, and have always been my biggest defender and ally, no matter what the odds. She have always been my cheering section, my therapist, my shoulder to cry on. She give so much, never once asking for anything in return. Having a mother like Her while growing up was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever have given me. It is because of the confidence and values that she instilled in me that made me who I am today. I want to thank her for shaping me into a person who I like and am proud to be. And also want to thank her for letting us believe that we could be whoever we wanted to be, do whatever we wanted to do, there were no limitations except our drive, ambition and creativity.
Thank you mom for being so smart, so beautiful, so wise and so talented. It’s nice to know that I have the potential somewhere in my genetics to possibly one day be as special as you.
Mom, the words “I love you” are not adequate enough to express how grateful I am to be your Son, how much you are appreciated or how much you will always mean to me, so I will simply say: Thank you mom for being my Mother.

Submitted by : Bijou Thaangjam – Freelance Stylist, Actor and Self-taught Chef. Mumbai, India.


Episode 005 FindingTheVoices Bijou Thaangjam introducing and promoting Manipuri Food at Master Chef India

005 FindingTheVoices Bijou Thaangjam introducing and promoting Manipuri Food at Master Chef India

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I am proud to present you the interview with Bijou Thaangjam,sharing his experience participating in Master Chef India and reality TV show Super Santa with bollywood movie star Asin.

He shares amazing details of the grooming phase and trainings he received as part of the show. Being a Foodie myself, It was very interesting to know all the details behind the show. I am very impressed and proud that he used many recipes inspired/customized from traditional Manipuri recipe (Chagempomba, tharoi thongba, Nganum etc.) which took him to top 50. Also he shared many other interesting projects he is working on (T-shirt branding to promote Manipur, Cooking show and food festivals all over India, Pressure-point therapist, Acting/Modelling projects).

I am so touched to hear his journey, such a strong young man coming up all the way from being a victim of bullying, going through doing all possible odd jobs with strong aspirations to finally become a public figure/Celebrity and motivate young people and guide them. Such a admirable thought and aim. Wishing Bijou Good Luck and success in his career.