Here are the Video Talk Show for Season 2 (2014)

  1. S02E01 FindingTheVoices: Meeting the Authors of the book “Tattooed with Taboos”
  2. S02E02 FindingTheVoices: How do your react when someone calls you a Chinky or use any derogatory terms ?
  3. S02E03 FindingTheVoices: Career choice from Botany to the world of Marketing and Business development
  4. S02E04 FindingTheVoices: Imphal Talkies, The folk rock band from Imphal, Manipur.
  5. S02E05 FindingTheVoices: Raising girls in Manipur and Manipuri proverbs
  6. S02E06 FindingTheVoices: Robert Mulkey, author of the book “This Is My Lemonade” an adoption story.
  7. S02E07 FindingTheVoices: Sneha Bhavan, Home for the children and HIV infected woman in Imphal, Manipur
  8. S02E08 FindingTheVoices : What made these women leave their home ? (Women’s Home in Manipur)
  9. S02E09 FindingTheVoices Rabi Moirangthem sharing about Hotel Management as a career choice
  10. Rishi K (Coming up soon)
  11. S02E11 FindingTheVoices: Khundrakpam Bodhachandra sharing about choices of Education, Career and work culture in Manipur
  12. S02E12 FindingTheVoices: Mangka Mayanglambam sharing her journey as a Manipuri Folk singer.
  13. S02E13 FindingTheVoices: Meeting the Photographers of Manipur Photography Club.
  14. S02E14  FindingTheVoices: Naba Shamurailatpam sharing his journey as a singer in Manipur.
  15. S02E15: Blooming Manipur, an initiative encouraging  ownership of where we live and beautifying Manipur
  16. S02E16: FindingTheVoices Sori Senjam, singer from Manipur
  17. About Pena (Coming up soon)
  18. Noopur (Coming up soon)
  19. Laihui (Coming up soon)
  20. S02E20 FindingTheVoices Leishangthem Kumarjit Meitei of Manipur Police Sports Club
  21. Ingudam Tomba Singh (Coming up soon)



One thought on “Season2

  1. I love this talkshow and a lot of knowledges have gained.It also inspires me a lot.For this ,I am thanking ” cheche ” Monica Ingudam.

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