S02E06 FindingTheVoices: Robert Mulkey, author of the book “This Is My Lemonade” an adoption story. A journey involving abuse, identity, acceptance, rejection and reconciliation

Guest Speaker : Robert Mulkey joining in from California, USA.

“This is My Lemonade,” a memoir by Robert Mulkey, follows an unusual 34 year adoption journey. It is an international story involving identity, acceptance, abuse and redemption and the uncomfortable intricacies of not one, but three families.

I was browsing #Goodreads found this as an e-book. I started reading and before I knew it I had read half the book in one evening. Definitely a page turner. These lines stayed with me “I wanted to thank her for being selfless enough to let me live and let someone else have me”

Call me old fashioned but I enjoy reading a book, a real paper book (not an e-book) turning the pages, smelling the pages, marking up my favorite lines. Despite reading this book as an e-book, I was engrossed with the story and these lines stayed with me “Murderers are allowed to live; despots go unpunished, yet this beautiful woman with the heart full of love who moved everyone she met would no longer be here …”. I looked up for the author to give him my feedback. And he responded so quickly and he agreed to be our Guest Speaker and share more about this books. I had so many questions “Did your mother feel jealous, insecure as he was getting more active in his search for his biological family ? Why was it so important for him to search for his biological family ? How honest was he in his writing and how did people react to his writing ? Did he get closure or healing in the process of writing this book ?” and many more questions. Watch his interview to learn more about the book and the author himself.

You can find his book at Amazon. You can Follow Bob Mulkey at Facebook or His Website.

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S02E06 FindingTheVoices: Robert Mulkey, author of the book “This Is My Lemonade” an adoption story.

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