S02E03: Career choice from Botany to the world of Marketing and Business development.

Guest Speaker : Ramina Haorokcham joining from Shanghai, China
Phone Interview: Washington DC, USA and Shanghai, China
Language: Podcast in English.

Ramina Haorokcham shares about her career introducing us to the world of advertising, marketing and Business development. She shares her studying and working experience in India as well as China. She started out with Botany and ended up in the media world fighting through her career aspiration and chasing her dreams in spite of her parent’s expectation to pursue into the line of IAS.  Watch her share about her experiences, challenges and satisfaction in her line of career.

One of our goal is to give student and parents an opportunity to hear from our own people about different career and job options. This will help to widen the young minds of Manipur to hear about other line of work. I have spoken to many students and the general perception of career option are limited to becoming a Doctor, Engineer or IAS officer. Other options are not much known amongst students as well as parents. Also there is the craze and pressure to join extensive coaching classes and wait for 2 to 4 years to get into the medical entrance exam. And within this span, there are many who would become depressed with low self-esteem, loose focus and stray away. We encourage that students go in the line which they have aspirations and interest in rather than being forced or pressured into the line of career parents believe in.

MI_5FindingTheVoices brings voices and story that Inspire, Empower, Educate & Entertain us from people all over the world.. It is a talk show presented by Monica Ingudam with the vision to promote and spread positive, hopeful, inspiring & entertaining stories in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur.

This is your show to promote your talents & work, share your experiences and voice what you stand for, what you believe in, what you want people to know & talk about….


S02E03 FindingTheVoices: Career choice from Botany to the world of Marketing and Business development

5 thoughts on “S02E03 FindingTheVoices: Career choice from Botany to the world of Marketing and Business development

  1. Hi Dear…Good going lady….feel like m watching a talk show of an established business woman..so proud of u..love u,keep rocking!!!

  2. All the stories are wonderful except your personal introduction part regarding your surname. (Ingudam -> Ing-ngudam, sound too much Ing-gudam)

    Fish=Nga sound seems missing.

    Sorry for the comment. Am just a well wisher


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