S02E14  FindingTheVoices: Naba Shamurailatpam sharing his journey as a singer in Manipur.

Guest Speaker: Naba Shamurailatpam (Volcano), popular singer of Manipur.

Interview Location: Imphal, Manipur, India.

Language: Podcast in Manipuri/Meiteilon.

Naba Shamurailatpam, popular singer of Manipur, popularly known as Naba Volcano amongst his music fan sharing his journey, the world of singing. He shares very interesting stories of his growing up phase, his fascination and inspiration growing up very close to the beauty of nature at Sekmai, Manipur. He shares about his initial failure, love and passion for songs and his different and interesting experiences of his journey and performances traveling to places all over India. Watch his interview to hear his special message to his fans, followers and supporters.

We have heard and played many of the songs back to back going through different moods, escaping to his songs enjoying or lamenting. Many of us grew up listening to “Sekmai Chameli” “Ukhrul da eigee thawai leihoure” “Matam Kuirabagi Tungda” “Chingi Echal” and many other songs. And it’s such a wonderful moment to meet him in person, hear his story and ever hear a song from him. What more can a fan ask for.

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MI_5FindingTheVoices brings voices and story that Inspire, Empower, Educate & Entertain us from people all over the world. It is a talk show presented by Monica Ingudam with the vision to promote and spread positive, hopeful, inspiring & entertaining stories in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur.

This is your show to promote your talents & work, share your experiences and voice what you stand for, what you believe in, what you want people to know & talk about.




S02E14 FindingTheVoices: Naba Shamurailatpam sharing his journey as a singer in Manipur.

3 thoughts on “S02E14 FindingTheVoices: Naba Shamurailatpam sharing his journey as a singer in Manipur.

  1. Great interview! I always adored his beautiful voice.
    I love how softly he narrated his journey. “Matam Kuirabagi Tungda” is always my all time fav track. 😉

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