S02E11  FindingTheVoices:  Khundrakpam Bodhachandra sharing about choices of Education, Career and work culture in Manipur

Guest Speaker: Khundrakpam Bodhachandra, Teacher, Guide and a Role Model.

Interview Location: Imphal, Manipur, India.

Language: Podcast in English.

A proud moment presenting Khundrakpam Bodhachandra sharing about choices of Education, Career and work culture in Manipur. It has been a great honor and a very nervous moment for me to interview my Teacher, Guide and role model. Growing up everyone has a role model a person whom we look up to, whom we feel like listening by virtue of our admiration and on our own will and not because we had to listen to them. I have always admired him for his honesty, directness, ways in dealing with things in life. He has played a major role and influence in my life in my choice of education, career and ways of life.

Watch this special episode to learn about how his journey of education, hard work, failures, building up confidence, believing in yourself and never giving up. Also he shares about  the different choices of career in Manipur and work culture in Manipur. As always his words are an inspiration building up such positive energy.

Even after knowing him for a long time, there were so many things I didn’t know about him. And through this interview, I have learnt and enjoyed his story and thoughts sharing about education, career and work culture in Manipur.

His message “Work Hard, don’t loose hope ! Everyone of us are intelligent” lingers even now, giving us hope to come out of our foolish moment.

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