FindingTheVoices: Sanhita Ambast, International Legal Advisor talks about Silence On AFSPA

Guest Speaker : Sanhita Ambast
A web Interview, with Sanhita Ambast joining in from Delhi, India.
Language: Interview in English

I read the article “The Undemocratic Silence On AFSPA” written by Sanhita Ambast and featured at This article highlights about the silence from the government of India, 10 years after the Jeevan Reddy Committee submitted its report. It has done nothing about its recommendations.

Sanhita shared about AFSPA in Manipur and status about the “Jeevan Reddy Committee” and the findings and recommendations. We spoke about national and international bodies that echoed the recommendations of the Jeevan Reddy Committee.

Several UN bodies and experts have called on the Indian government to repeal the AFSPA. However, the government of India – 10 years after the Jeevan Reddy Committee submitted its report – has done nothing about its recommendations. And, as the answer to the question in the Rajya Sabha indicates, it has provided little meaningful explanation about why.

When the system takes so long to provide justice, can there be peace ? Where is the justice ?  Where is the hope for people opting for peaceful protest seeking for the system to work ? There has been compensations but compensation cannot replace Justice, and it is justice, the people are waiting.

Sanhita Ambast is the International Legal Advisor (South Asia) at the International Commission of Jurists. Sanhita graduated from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. She has completed an LLM from Harvard Law School, and an MA in law and diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, specializing in international human rights law.


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