FindingTheVoices: Meeting with Juliana Phaomei, a rongmei kabui tribal student from Manipur

Guest Speaker : Juliana Phaomei , student, blogger at This Life, My Day   

Interview Location: Video Call , Juliana joined in from Bangalore.

Language: Videocast in English

Meeting with Juliana Phaomei, a rongmei kabui tribal student from Manipur.

I met her to get her feedback and input as part of our outreach campaign of FindingTheVoices. I received such great feedback and was very excited to answer her questions, listening to her views/feedback. I am really happy to meet young people from Manipur who believe in peace and progress. She also asked me great questions, where I got an opportunity to share my vision and thoughts. Juliana is a young 20 year old student filled with great ideas and spirit, seeking change, a change and integration we need in Manipur. This was not a planned episode but I have to share her voice and her questions. This is just the beginning.

MI_5Born and raised in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur, I have a vision to promote and spread inspiring, empowering, educative & entertaining stories. I believe that we can create contents bringing the positive side of Manipur. I believe we can do this together by finding the voices, voices which needs to be heard and shared, voices of our own people, people of Manipur and well-wishers of Manipur. I believe that these voices will bring a change and connect all of us.

We have completed 3 years of pod casting and have had a tremendous positive response from our viewers and listeners. And from the messages received from various age groups, our programs achieved our vision of getting our listeners and viewers inspired, educated, empowered and entertained.

I believe that these stories will bring a change and create a positive image of Manipur and positive thinking to many individuals. I believe that this will definitely contribute to change the scenery of the conflict and violence-torn to peace and progress in our society.

I am seeking out for collaboration to include you. Inviting you to join me in my journey of FindingTheVoices by making this your own.



S02E27 FindingTheVoices: Juliana Phaomei, a rongmei kabui tribal student from Manipur

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