S02E28 FindingTheVoices: Bung Keisham, fashion designer from Manipur sharing about being gay. (Part 1)

FindingTheVoices: Bung Keisham, fashion designer from Manipur, sharing about being gay.

Guest Speaker : Bung Keisham
Interview Location: Web Interview, Guest Speaker joining in, from Netherlands.
Language: Interview in English

Bung Keisham, Fashion designer from Manipur shared about his rough childhood and dealing with the unacceptance of his identity as a gay.

 “The first time I knew I was different was when I wanted to buy Manipuri dolls. I was locked in the house and beaten up because I liked girl’s things. I was taken to the psychiatrist to change my thinking. I tried to commit suicide multiple times. I wasn’t accepted the way I am.”
This is the first part of the interview, please come back for the 2nd part.

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