Episode 032 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Priya Ramachandran from United States

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Thanks to Priya Ramachandran for sharing her journey of “Being a Mom” for our special Mother’s Day podcast series.

Priya is mother of 2 beautiful girls, working in United States. I really enjoyed learning many things from her experience. How many of us have to take breaks from career to strike a balance with family ? It is true that women change, tweak the career path to strike a balance between work and family, taking breaks, changing roles and responsibility and even choosing jobs to get flexibility even if that means changing your line of work.

She spoke about support from her husband, networking and setting up extended family with your friends plays a very important role.

I really enjoyed listening to her story and learning a different perspective of life as a Mother. Please listen to this podcast to listen to the story of Priya’s journey of being a Mom.     


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