Episode 031 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Priyadarshini Koijam from United States

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Thanks to Priyadarshini Koijam, mother of 2 for sharing her journey and experience of being a MOM.

We spoke about many topics on raising kids and my favorite is talking about pros and cons of having children with less or more age gap.

Listen to the podcast to hear about Priyadarshini’s journey of being a Mom raising her daughter and son, being a GoogleMom 🙂 wearing multiple Hats all the time raising her kids.

Should the age gap between kids be more or less ? Challenges of raising a teenager ? How different is raising a boy and a girl ?How do we go about teaching and balancing Indian values raising a teenage girl in America ? Is shouting to kids productive ? Reasoning and explanation of why children should listen to parents …


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