Episode 033 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Karina Duchastel from United States

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Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Karina Duchastel,  French-Canadian currently in United States sharing her journey about “Being a Mom” as part of the special series of podcast for Mother’s Day. I really enjoyed having her in our talk show, she brought very interesting perspective and it was a great learning experience. Please tune in to listen about Karina’s wonderful journey of being a Mom for her 3 wonderful kids.

Karina shares a very interesting and important point to take time to reconnect with your husband. Also she shared her wonderful perspective that Children needs to be congratulated for listening & behaving well and it is their decision to take the advice parents provide 🙂

Little bit about Karina in her own words:

My name is Karina Duchastel and I am a mom of 3 kids.  I am a French-Canadian from Quebec City and have been living in the USA since 2000.  I have been raising my kids in 3 different states: California, Maryland and currently living in the a suburb of Seattle, Washington.  My journey as a mother so far has been filled with challenges of raising kids in unfamiliar environments and language and a hard choice of being apart from our extended family. I certainly never thought I would immigrate to a country other than Canada.  My shared experience with other foreign families living in the USA have not only opened my mind about new cultures but enabled me to build strong friendships that I can call family.  Before being a mom, I had a career as an electrical and software engineer.  I actually met my husband Nicolas at an engineering school called Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal.  I have been working part-time for the past 5 years as a Quality assurance and Test Engineer for a small software company in Bellevue Washington.  I also enjoyed volunteering at my kids school and I am very passionate about passing on my French-Canadian culture to my kids and their friends.


One thought on “Episode 033 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Karina Duchastel from United States

  1. You choose the right person for this topic! Karina is a good friend of mine and I’m very fortunate to have her around me.

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