HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Khoirom(o) Mutum Ningol Indira Devi, Wishes from Jogita Khoirom

Mother’s Name : Khoirom(o) Mutum Ningol Indira Devi,currently residing in Lalambung Makhong Khoirom Leikai
She is a homemaker .

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My mom is the best person i have ever known. To me she is the epitome of elegance and hard-work. She has never let us down in times of struggle. She has let me do whatever i wanted to do-making me confident ,independent in life. When we had a financial struggle during my Engineering days , she kept us away from the hard times. She made sure that we meet all our needs no matter what the conditions are, make sure that We reached our destiny.

The one thing she always says to us is that ” Money is nothing, if she has lots of money and if her children are not successful in their lives, What is the use of having money? “To her, making us live our dream is more important than Money .

To me she is the most hardworking ,brave ,elegance woman I have ever seen. I respect her a lot. Whenever i am down,my mom’s face gives me more confident Love her unconditionally and irrevocably .

And thank you FTV for the the Mlother’s Day special . I really like your program

From,Jogita Khoirom Working as an Associate Software Engineer in IMS , Bangalore


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