Episode 027 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Jennifer Sharma from England

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Thanks to Jenifer Sharma for sharing her journey of “Being a Mom” for our special Mother’s Day podcast series.

Jenifer is mother of 2 wonderful children 4 years old son and 5 months old daughter, working part time in England. I really enjoyed learning many things from her experience.

We spoke about the excellent Maternity benefits in England, how important your husband’s support is in getting a balance with kids and work and many other topics. I love her 24 hour rule to make up with her husband 🙂 Also she shared about the wonderful relationship between grandchildren and grandparents.

I really enjoyed listening to her story and learning a different perspective of life as a Mother. Please listen to this podcast to listen to the story of Jenifer’s journey of being a Mom.     


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