HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Khaidem Tombi

Mom’s Name & profession: Khaidem Tombi, Home maker

What I appreciate in my MOM? 

She is very punctilious, hard working and an avid learner. I would like to thank her for the way she has brought me up. She had been super strict until I left home at 17 for my higher studies. Although initially I didn’t like her for being too strict, I now realized, that actually helps me in treading the right path then and now.

Any moment I want to say sorry about?

There is a saying in Manipuri, “matam pumnamakta emagi punknungda lei khallabadi, lai tin oknaroi” which can be roughly translated as “one can never get harmed as long as he/she thinks they are inside the mother’s womb all the time.” I do not find any reason to say sorry to my mother as I am always under her love and care and I see myself as a part of her.

Submitted by : Maisnam Arnapal; Profession Research scholar cum Academician in Delhi University, India.


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