HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Joymala Rajkumari

FindingTheVoices Mother's Day 2013 Joyraj Waikhom

Somebody said it correctly, “God couldn’t be everywhere, so He created Mother!” So is my mom, and I thank God for the mom he has given me. I, Joyraj Waikhom, was borne to Rajesh Waikhom & Joymala Rajkumari. And I’m proud to be my momma’s boy. I always have loved my mom and the way she have taken care of me and my sisters. By profession she’s a teacher. And she does it very well with the primary and kindergarten kids. She understands child psychology perfectly, and that’s what I appreciate the most.  Almost every kid at Thangmeiband knows her as Madam Joymala.

But the best thing I love about my mom is her cooking. I remember those days when my home was more famous than any fast-food or restaurant in Imphal. My mom and granny were a threat to any chef. We never bought cakes in our birthday, she used to bake us the best cake. She made a Mickey Mouse cake on my sister’s birthday and I was just 14-15 then. That was pretty awesome. Today we have many Cake-n-Bake shops in Imphal, but I bet my mom’s cake was the best. She and my granny would, always, do jugal-bandi with their cooking in the kitchen. On Diwali, the aroma of hot Gulab Jamuns  and Chahao kheer getting ready in the kitchen would make everyone green with envy because of the mom and granny I have got. But after my Granpa’s demise they lost the passion of cooking. And today granny is no more too, and so Mumma has lost all the passion. Sad! But at times, when I’m home she surprises me with her cooking. I miss those good days and food, mumma!

Mom has always been strict. She has groomed us with discipline and has garnished with many rules and regulations, which we still follow today. Many kids and my friends in the school use to nickname her Hitler! Sorry about that Maa. But everyone was scared of you. But I thank you for having me brought up that way. I’m here today because of what you had been. Today I’m earning good, and have got an identity which would have not been possible, had you not given us the care and love you have showered on us. Today, on this Mothers’ Day I take the opportunity to thank you for being my Mom. I also thank the FindingTheVoice, for giving me this grand opportunity to express a small thought about my mom through your podcast. I’m feeling good to finally open an MS Word on my system in office and write something on my Mom, rather than everyday’s software and portal I work with.

Thank-you Mumma! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Your Only Beloved Son

Appu (She calls me by this name)

Submitted by : Joyraj Waikhom, Chief Compliance Officer at for MARV e-Solutions (P) Ltd, Kolkata, India.


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