Episode 024 FindingTheVoices Part 1 Shanti Thokchom originally from Manipur sharing her struggles, lost, healing and life in America as a Single Mother

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Today I am with Shanti Thokchom, who is working as a Nursing Assistant in an old age Home in Oklahoma in the United States. I really admire her strength and positive attitude towards life even after having gone through very hard times with her journey from Manipur all the way to America, going through different jobs of a private nurse, nanny, working in a daycare, working as a waitress, her separation and lost of her husband. Inspite of all the hardship, she pursued to get license to work as Nursing Assistant. She is a strong single mother, the rock for her precious little boy working very hard to secure the best future for her son.

She has a very interesting diverse background with a Hindu Meitei father and a Christian Kuki mother and she married an American. She shares her story about living with the differences in diversity and having stayed and travelled in different places in the world.

It was a great honour to talk with Eche Shanti, such a wonderful woman with so much positive vibes.

Music: Louri Chatpi by P Chandrakumar (This was a very popular songs during the time Eche Shanti was growing up and her favorite song)


23 thoughts on “Episode 024 FindingTheVoices Part 1 Shanti Thokchom originally from Manipur sharing her struggles, lost, healing and life in America as a Single Mother

  1. …..it was my first listen of your venture…..you are doing a marvellous job…….shanti has inspired many and even her simple daily fb updates can pep up folks in some remote corner of the world ……and just on the flip side its your kind of effort and endeavours which reveals the depth of these personalities ………the crux is we need both of your types to see the “we did it” effect……….Cheers to both of you!!!!!

    • thx sis Romita…if I hv been of any help to any of you, m happy….as for me life is a continous struggle & I am happy to be doing that cos it keeps me moving with a purpose all the time….lots love & regards to all of who who’ve kept up their moral support & care& concerns for me

  2. Eche Shanti, Your story really touched my heart and my best wishes are with you and your son. It feels great to see a courageous, hard working women behind the simple sister who keeps smiling all the time.

  3. Eche Shanti’s podcast is one of the greatest inspiring and touching story so far. Thanks to Findingthevoices for sharing such a wonderful podcast to the world.This is a great story of a woman who never stop building courage to fight what’s holding her back. Her battle with fears, gathered strength from distress is speechless.Please, hit the wonderful podcast of eche Shanti.

  4. I almost broke down in tears hearing your podcast EcheShanti, I admire your relentless spirit. God bless you and your family. Women power is immense and your story makes me more stronger than ever. Thanks to Ftv, EcheMonica for bringing out such a courageous story.

    • thx sis…Serju…no need to cry…dearie…when u fall down, just get up & keep going!!! its you who has to face life with its ups& downs…..one has to be prepared and face bravely……u become stronger when u face them crisis as they come with a positive outlook in life!!! Never let any down thoughts break you at any time….no matter what ppl say!!! Stay strong, young lady!! lotsa love & hugs…

  5. Its is such an inspirational and heart touching to hear in details about courageous Eche Shanti. Thanks to Eche Monica to give us this opportunities to know more about Eche Shanti. Waiting for next episode.

  6. I am confused whether I should applaud her for her success in struggling against life or console her for her tragic life. But a very well wish for her and her son, I am happy to say that we can learn from her a lot.

  7. Iche Shanti you are a perfect example of a strong meitei woman. Your story is very inspiring and touching. Tears came coming and I really applaud you for your hardwork and your positivity towards life. I wish u a lots of success and happiness in future .And your son is very cute. Waiting for the complete story. Keep inspiring.

  8. Instead I would like to say Head off to you sis.Shanti@ Your are such a brave mother. Let the new generation witness you, n I congratulate you for your achievement and cope up with your problems!!! May God Bless you

  9. I’ve been making my own research base on specific social issues like,addictions,alcoholism, prostitution etc. if find many people spoiled their life due to depression, or too much of personal problems.For life we should not give up easy and struggle more like our sisters’ @shanti shown to us. Difficulties may raise more,but we must be strong and ready to fight against our problems like she did. Let the youth and my fellow youth take a good example from her and overcome our difficulties
    She will be my hero……May God bless her and her son’s.
    Never give up;once we give up,we our-self is the looser.
    Thank you

  10. Life is all about struggle however here, from Eche Shanti I learned something that is … How to face everythg with a Smile. Brave Manipuri Lady, the very inspirational one .

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  12. PROud to be a MANIPURI Nupi(Woman)…!!
    eche, i wish you all the best for your future life!!
    dn’t miss your strengths 4ever….
    Eche,i shall be remain thankful to good minded unforgetable whenever my life is not loss… as compare to other women in the wOrlD!!

  13. Dear sis(eche)let me introduce myself.My name is Bimol Thapa(Sis.Sabita’s youngest bro.)hope u remember me.Today I just happen to go through the ‘Findingthevoices.com n u know what, all the memories came fresh alive.I really appreciate your struggle and achievment in your life.I wish you all the success in your life.May God bless you.

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