Episode 025 FindingTheVoices Part 2 Shanti Thokchom originally from Manipur sharing her struggles, lost, healing and life in America as a Single Mother

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This podcast is a continuation of last week’s podcast with Shanti Thokchom, who is working as a Nursing Assistant in an old age Home in Oklahoma in United States. In part 1 she shared about going through very hard times with her journey from Manipur all the way to America, going through her separation and lost of her husband.

In this episode, she shares about her life as a single Mother. She is a strong single mother, the rock for her precious little boy working very hard to secure the best future for her son.

She shares very interesting story of learning how to drive in America, her travelling experience within America as a healing process coping up with her loss.

Many immigrants in America can associated the struggle and fear in learning and driving in the freeways in America. And this lady travels all over without a GPS (still using paper Maps!!), sleeps in the car, travels with basic needs. It is a great learning experience to learn from her that you don’t need a lot of money to travel if you are passionate about travelling and seeing different places. All you need is the Gas money. She shares that she lives within her means and don’t need to dine in any fancy restaurants or stay in expensive Hotels or wear any branded clothes.

It was a great honour to talk with Eche Shanti, such a wonderful woman with so much positive vibes.

Music: Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko from yaadon ki baraat (This was a very popular songs during the time Eche Shanti was growing up and her favorite song)


9 thoughts on “Episode 025 FindingTheVoices Part 2 Shanti Thokchom originally from Manipur sharing her struggles, lost, healing and life in America as a Single Mother

  1. Wow! After hearing eche Shanti’s stories i kinda feel incomplete with my life but at the same time it motivates me to do more with what i’ve got. She took every opportunity life had offered and soared high. I was truely inspired! And the way she travels rocks! I’m hoping i would be bold enough to go to places like that someday.

    Che Monica, your work is really inspiring too. I’ll be following this site closely. Best wishes to both sis ❤ You guys are awesome! \m/

  2. I am freshers’ reading this articles related with the Ms. Shanti@ life experiences in USA.
    She reflects so many challenges in life, I never noticed in my life that a sweet daughters’ of Manipur face such situations. In one way i feel sorry for what she have struggle her life in past year and i hope her story will inspire a new India(youth of India) or any youth to overcome our problems and cope up with life.
    Moreover, If in any articles include more details about her life, i fine the articles is well written but its too short for me.may be I am more curious about their story.
    Such achievement in life is always the pillar for the youth to make change and struggle in life. Thank you@ Khamlianlal@Khams zotal

  3. echey……mapham- matam khudingmakta mapu mana thoujanbiba oisanu………..and it was one of the most interesting and touching story,your hard work and bravery always inspired me ……….

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  5. Great!!!!! It was really nice to hear the story of eche shanti in her’s voice. I am a follower of her article in e-pao since 2007. So, I liked it very much….

    Che Monica, Finding the Voices really rocks….

  6. So amazing story and get inspired ..life is about to struggle myself even if no body is behind or me to help.. Really interesting the story …that proved it.
    Thank you eche and findingthevoices
    .And wish Happy New Year ; I wish you all the best

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