About FindingTheVoices

Welcome to FindingTheVoices.

Today I am sharing about FindingTheVoices. It is a short presentation less than 3 minutes which gives the details about FindingTheVoices.

Thanks to all our listeners for all your support. Please keep your request for Guest Speakers, feedback and wonderful comments coming in.

Thanks to Hanubi Hanuba for the music. I love this music.


3 thoughts on “About FindingTheVoices

  1. I find Ftv a very good platform to inspire the young generations of Manipur.People should listen to Findingthevoices because it covered every aspect of one’s life story where one’s shared their struggles, happiness, success stories etc etc.

    A society/community grow when we shared our good thoughts and we need to get inspired by our surroundings first and come up of our own later on.Please Keep tuning to Findingthevoices, “You never know where inspiration’s going to come from”.

    Thanks to Monica Ingudam for the greatest endeavor to share our voices to the world.

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