Episode 024 FindingTheVoices Part 1 Shanti Thokchom originally from Manipur sharing her struggles, lost, healing and life in America as a Single Mother

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Today I am with Shanti Thokchom, who is working as a Nursing Assistant in an old age Home in Oklahoma in the United States. I really admire her strength and positive attitude towards life even after having gone through very hard times with her journey from Manipur all the way to America, going through different jobs of a private nurse, nanny, working in a daycare, working as a waitress, her separation and lost of her husband. Inspite of all the hardship, she pursued to get license to work as Nursing Assistant. She is a strong single mother, the rock for her precious little boy working very hard to secure the best future for her son.

She has a very interesting diverse background with a Hindu Meitei father and a Christian Kuki mother and she married an American. She shares her story about living with the differences in diversity and having stayed and travelled in different places in the world.

It was a great honour to talk with Eche Shanti, such a wonderful woman with so much positive vibes.

Music: Louri Chatpi by P Chandrakumar (This was a very popular songs during the time Eche Shanti was growing up and her favorite song)